One stop Applicant Tracking System for Global Employers.

Mesaar ATS is an Applicant Tracking System designed for all size and industries. You can add candidates, comment, attach files/CV’s and track their progress on simple online board.

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Mesaar ATS is focused on providing simple tools for knowing where your applicants stand in your recruitment process.
Bring good candidates to front and hide rejected ones so there’s less confusion.

The Pipeline

Pipeline is the main tool in Mesaar ATS. When you receive new applications, or add candidates yourself, they will appear in pipeline-like board.

The Communication

Mesaar ATS brings more transparency to hiring your next employee. No more lost emails or silos of information in recruiters' email inbox.

The Team

You won’t be bothered to tweak every user’s rights. Just assign “admin”, “manager”, “recruiter” or “reviewer” roles and you’re good to go.

Mesaar is affordable, online recruiting software. Get up and running in minutes, no training required.

We believe SMEs don’t need complicated and overpriced enterprise grade recruitment software. That’s why we concentrate only on one thing – applicant tracking – and make it as easy as possible.

  • Log in via LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or create your own Mesaar account.
  • Add a vacancy.
  • Ask candidates to apply / add your existing applicants into pipeline.
  • View, review, comment and communicate - all from one board.


We’re just starting out, so we’re not even half-way where we want to be.
But we already have some amazing features that we’re proud of.

Vacancy Pipeline Board

All your candidates on one board. No lists or filters to manage. Just advance or reject the candidate.

Simple recruitment process

Lose the process and custom spreadsheets. Use our simple pipeline board and be always informed of the things to do with the applicant.

Assign responsibilities to your team

Invite your colleagues to work on recruitment. Have people responsible for candidates in specific stages, forward candidates and collect shared feedback.

One stop messaging

We don’t require you to use our messaging system. But it’s just so convenient! You send a message from Mesaar ATS and see replies right there too. All in one place. The biggest gain for business user – no more email silos. All your authorized team has access to same outbound and inbound messaging with applicants.

Make offers

When you have drilled down all the applicants to the ones you want to hire – make them an offer! You can add salary, bonuses, allowances. And if that’s not enough just write in the perks your company offers.

All recruitment information in one place

Discuss candidates, share evaluations, attach documents / notes to candidates in one place. No more information buried under a pile of email.

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